Doing lunges in a public park at sunset



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A fuck friend of mine prepared some exercise routines for today. As you already know, I am extremely lazy for sports so this time I had to record some of the exercises as a proof. He told me he would compensate me at the weekend in case I did the full routine :-P You know what I mean, don´t you? I absolutely want my prize, so I ran very excited to the nearest park to do my exercise before the sun sets: this clip is about my 3 series of lunges, each one for one minute. I forgot the chronometer so I had to wing them. I am wearing my tight leggins and a sweatshirt, and of course my cute pigtail. Come with me and watch from the grass how I suffer! The third lunge series me, my gluteus burn me like hell and I am moaning like a poor cat... but I have to finish the time like a champion girl. Otherwise I won´t have my friend´s visit on Saturday. No doubt, a good cunnilingus is the best motivation. What is yours? YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: You also hate lunges. HIGHLIGHTED: I completed my series, look at my strong quadriceps :-) INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW