Hand Fetish - Luna Lain WMV

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Featuring Luna Lain! I know you were mentioning how you loved the shape of my hands. It has been mentioned that I am great at hand jobs and I handle your cock with finesse. The palms glide around the base and my fingers wrap with ease as I softly go up and down the shaft. Wouldn't you love feeling all those squeezes and rubs from my pretty little hands? Soft little kisses from my pouty lips would be the cherry on top. I love the idea of stroking your cock while you admire my delicate pink fingernails. My friends could watch and model their hands for you as well because the more hands on dick the better. OTHER KEYWORDS- fingernail fetish, dirty talk, Luna Lane, Luna Laine, ring fetish, hand modeling, pink fingernails, manicure fetish, baraely legal, candid, amateur, blue eyes, all natural, girl next door, girlfriend experience, GFE