Liberty Harkness

British / EUROPE
22:11 min - Jan 12 - .MP4 - 1.66 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Me and my gamer buddy Charlie are having a bad run at some xbox gaming, I decided to film Charlie getting to grips with some old fashioned joystick action ... I got out my action camera and for her very first time i unleashed my joystick for her to play with and get used to .. well it didn't take her long to have this meaty stick of joy balls deep bareback in her hairy cunt ... we have some sexy great fun fucking and licking / sucking kissing each other , we filmed this purely on the fly messing about as was enjoying a real gaming girl day .. It is kinda of a Mix of some static camera angles meets POV and Reverse POV .. ending in my breeding seed flooding her hairy pussy on all fours .. Oh my days she is such a sexy friend I wished had started joystick games long ago lol This film is shot on a little 1080p Action Camera -- The sound is not A+ prob around D quality as the mic seemed to be playing up alas .. .. Its a very horny scene with Charlie Ten (her twitter name) it was her first time having sex with a Transsexual as well .. - Hairy - Trans - Bareback - Anal Licking - Blowjobs - POV - Nerds - Gamer Girls - Sex - Doggy - Riding - Cunt Eating