Owing my slave with my hands


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
9:24 min - Jan 13 - .MP4 - 239.81 MB - 854x480


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I've tied my slave up in preparation to give him a super yummy treat. I get so turned on by seeing him so helpless. Bound up and mine to do whatever I command. Today Im going to make him worship my perfect hands. I tease him running my soft hands up and down his naked body. He sighs and shudders in delight as my caress warms his skin. I wrap my pretty fingers around his face, allowing him to kiss my hands. He loves my thick meaty palms. I command him to lick them. Giving his tongue the chance to savor their taste. He sniffs and licks my sweet sweat. I wrap my hands over his mouth cutting off his air supply. He looks at me afraid but eager to take my a b u s e as I cover his nose too. I proceed like this giving him the pleasure of worshiping my hands and then taking it away to sm oth ered and controlled by them. Bending him to my will so all he knows is my perfect hands and the darkness creeping in as he slowly starts to black out, being owned by a goddess. I decide to invade his mouth with my hands. Making him ch ok e and gag as I shove my down his throat