Office Chastity


Jenna St James

American / Las Vegas
7:17 min - Jan 13 - .MP4 - 266.30 MB


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You haven't been getting any work done, your horny dick and filthy mind is totally distracting you, and your performance is lousy. As your boss, I feel I really need to step in and help.. And I'm sure I'm not helping much by wearing these kinds of outfits around you. In fact, I've totally been a cock tease on purpose just to make you jittery horny in my presence, but you should know how to control yourself. Although, if you COULD control yourself, you would've done it by now and you wouldn't be jerking off at your desk every time a short skirt walks by. So I installed a nanny cam by your computer to catch you in the act and know exactly when to fuck with you most. We're locking that cock away for your own good and the good of the workplace. Your pee pee is a threat to the office right now. I have already told all the other women that work here that ALL cocks will remain locked during business hours and we have the right to tease you all we want. But you, you'll STAY locked for at LEAST 30 days, we need to teach you a valuable lesson you won't forget