Detention: Professor I need an A

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Tigger Rosey

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Very naughty and hot scene in a real school wow!

Tiggerspiglet deleted Jan 20

This was such a fun video. You are a crazy little risk taker. All the dirty talk and acting is great not to mention you look fantastic in your civilian clothing. Then it ends with a nice juicy squirt. Fantastic! I know you licked up what was on the deck but I like to picture people coming into the room and wondering what these wet spots on the ground are. ;)

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Very hot scene in a real school wow!

Thanks United.  Im glad you liked! ;)

m4rr0w Jan 19
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This hot vid builds to quite the climax for everyone involved. Nice squirt at the end. Get it now!

Thanks m4rr0w!! <3 ~_~

BritBoy992 - Top reviewer Jan 15
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A really sexy and realistic feeling Professor & Student video. I love that Tigger was able to find a real classroom to record it in as it really added to the realistic feeling of the scene. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone. If the thumbnail or preview caught your eye then it's definitely worth a purchase!

thanks for the review man! <3 glad u liked it

thanks michael!! :) its a fun one <3

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She was asking for the A, but i'd like to give her the D. Great video. She does a wonderful job dirty talking while she shows off her gorgeous body.

Nastard May 9
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I love the fact Tigger did this in a real classroom. You can tell she is worried about being caught, all those glances through the window and about the room. This is great fun and sexy, but how can it not be with Tigger involved.

Thank you ☺️

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Very Sexy ! Really enjoyed the vid. Would give an A

thank you ^__^ !

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Feb 9
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I loved the role play and the wet delicious ending.

Tigger has a beautiful sexy body.

thank you Marc ;)

just a fun JOI/roleplay with some fingering and squirting and dirty talking. i also suck and lick up my squirt off the table. Story: Student needs an A but she got in trouble for masturbating in class. I got held in and so i decided that id masturbate again and maybe if i could seduce the teacher maybe I'd get better grades. This was shot at a real college so it was kinda risky to make this video. tags: schoolgirl , teacher student , squirting , brunette , big tits , tease , cock tease , DIRTY TALK, TEACHER FETISH , teacher fetish
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