What She Did in Nike Shox Sneakers U Get

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Blonde hottie Brittany Lynn has what you want. She actually has two things and they are both on her feet. She knows you have a sneaker fetish and she is wearing her black Nike Shox sneakers, and nothing else, as she knows they are your favorite. She also acknowledges that she is going to be sending you the very sneakers she has on. But first, she wants to tell you all the things she has done with the Nike Shox sneakers. She also wants to guess at what you are going to do with them once she ships them off to you. She talks about how she has been fucked in them, gone to parties in them, gone to sporting events with them, and even worked out in them. She has also gotten quite naughty with them and tongue fucked the shox part, something she also hopes you'll do. As she talks, she poses her naked body in different positions. Her big tits make the Nike Shox sneakers look even better somehow. She also talks along the way about what she hopes you'll do when you get her Nike Shox sneakers. She wants you to fuck the shox, fuck each sneaker, and even cum in each sneaker as well as on the soles. She can only imagine what naughty things you will do. She takes the sneakers off, puts one to her face, and inhales deeply. She describes the sweet sweat smell of them and knows you will likely be sniffing them before you cum in them. She then tells you she has even licked and sucked on the show laces, so she thinks you might just do the same. She also tells you to jerk off in anticipation. While she will miss the shoes, she is now ready to send them to you so that you can have them and make some naughty memories, and tell her all about it. With that, she is up and off to pack the Nike Shox sneakers up so she can ship them away to you. Included in this clip: Sneaker Fetish, Big Tits, Dirty Talk, Shoe Fetish, Posing, Nike, Nike Shox, Nike Shox Sneakers, Blondes, Brittany Lynn