Boning Buddies



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Nathan’s friend Jay Taylor has always wanted to get fucked by two dude friends, guys that would enjoy her pussy and high five over her naked body. Nathan, being a giver, wants to make that fantasy a reality so he invites Codey Steele to join them in bed. Both are two of her favorite men to fuck, and both are incredible gentlemen and lovers, so she’s very excited. She takes a cock in each hand sucking one then the other and continues alternating both as they slap their cocks against her face playfully. They play rock paper scissors to see who gets to sample her pussy first, and Codey wins taking that pussy, he fucks her as Jay sucks Nathan’s cock. After a proper amount of sex and an orgasm or two, they trade willing holes. Nathan fucks her doggystyle and does such a good job of it she gets distracted by the pleasure and occasionally forgets to suck Codey’s cock. Fucking friends is awesome. The bro-down continues with a first! Nathan wants to make this a night to remember, so it’s time for Jay’s first VAGINAL DOUBLE PENETRATION!!! They start with Jay riding Codey’s dick and after a bit of fucking getting him nice and hard and her pussy wet ,Nathan sets in and adds his cock to the mix. They both fuck the same hole and Jay gets to check something off her sexual bucket list. Then they go back to separate holes, she sucks Nathan’s dick as Codey fucks her doggystyle. They swap places so Nathan can get her in missionary, he fucks her until he’s about to cum then Codey takes the pussy. As Jay sucks Nathan’s balls Codey comes on her stomach and Nathan blasts her pretty face