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Canadian / Bonerville
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TIA THOMAS: FIRST FEEDING I met tantalising Tia when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. French-pedicured toes on flip-flopped feet. Caramel skin. Jersey girl. Picked her stage name out of a phone book. Scorpio, which means she's stubborn, sexual, hard headed, and has a multifaceted personality. Bi-racial. Mom is black. Dad is white. Now, she enjoys her exotic look, but she was bullied when she was younger. No bra under her spaghetti-strap shirt. 36C-27-unknown hip measurements. 5'5" 127lbs. Favourite part of herself is her ass. All-natural boobs. Got into porn after stripping at club Oasis in Philadelphia and wanting to take things to the next level. Tia says she loves to fuck. Her first gig was a rough facefucking. She got through it. Into rough sex in her personal life. Has a boyfriend but she hasn't told him she's doing porn. He thinks she's doing fully-clothed modelling. Pants and panties come down. Sweet round ass. One time, a client at the strip club sucked on her toes for 30 minutes in full view of everyone else in the club. She now knows that all men are freaks. Poses in doggy. Deep-dish ass cheeks. Two-hand spread. She models her bare feet. Tia currently works in a department store selling clothes, shoes, and household goods. Minimum wage. Hoping to become a well-known porn star. When she was 14, Tia was drinking with friends at one of their houses. Police busted the party and arrested everyone. It was an all-girl party. I invite Tia to her knees and thank her in advance for the gift I'm about to receive. Magnificent mouth massage. Suction on both the up and downstrokes. Impressive effort. "I want to feel that hot, warm cum drip down the back of my throat!" She promises to slurp up every single drop. Deep throat diva. I smell and suck her toes and she seems genuinely entertained and/or amused. Foot job. I spank her ass cheeks in doggy as she massages my balls with her toes. Rimming gets her horny enough to upgrade service to doggystyle. Her C cups sway in rhythm to my pistoning cock. Hair pulling. POV pussy pounding. She begs to taste my cum. I pull out. She spins around and catches my welcome wad, swallowing it all. If you like her, this cat came back for a second feeding. Meow