Ebony Anal With Lisa Tiffian


Swineys ProAm

American / Henderson, NV
37:26 min - Jan 15 - .WMV - 1.63 GB - 1280x720 HD


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Lisa Tiffian is a fully stacked Ebony goddess who had NO idea she was about to get the fuck of her CAREER by everyone's favorite fat rascal, T. von Swine. The sex started off camera, but once it WAS rolling you get to witness Swiney absolutely dominate Lisa in one of the most VOLCANIC 1 on 1 matchups he's ever performed in. The old Porker is in overdrive the whole way as you get to see both 'whale cam' & POV angles of Lisa trembling with one orgasm after another in each position he puts her through. The facial ending is also one to remember as the Porky Porn Prince again unleashes a MAGNUM load of pigsauce that totally douses Lisa's waiting face in a display of his ultra-porcine virility. This scene is so intense, you might stroke yourself into a coma. Tug away Porkers