POV Casting Couch: Carolyn Reese


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American / Henderson, NV
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Carolyn Reese had a habit of showing up to director's sets on days off to work her magic on old cocks she knew wouldn't tell her no. And this day she had some thick sliced bacon in mind as she used every inch of her 'Perfect 10' body to empty the old Pig's ballsack at the Beer Chateau. Carolyn is stunning in ANY position, and to see her body writhe on top of, or under Swiney's heavy frame is a thing of filthy beauty. Making sure Carolyn didn't leave disappointed, the Porky Porn Prince shoots some massive, thick jets of cum right down her eager throat in another one of his impressive displays of rotund virility. Carolyn Reese will hopefully end up on your couch someday, but if not, then you always have this romp to stroke to. Oink