Pregnant Woman Shrinks and Eats Her Fan



Slovakian / Tampa Florida
4:15 min - Jan 15 - .MP4 - 187.77 MB


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Every year I hold an annual contest for my best fan. The fan is magically shrunk by me, and then he is swallowed. Last year was a crazy mishap, and I figure that couldn't happen again... But low and behold it does. Irene and I meet with our fan, and as promised we shrink him. I pick him up, and swallow him. He was super thrilled to explore my body. Especially being that I was pregnant. He never was in a pregnant girl before, and always thought pregnant girls were so damn hot! Except, after awhile I think it's time for him to come up. Yet, he won't come up. I try to cough him up to no avail. We can hear him screaming to get out. He was done with his tour. It was probably pretty hot on this body tour. I know I ate a lot of spicy foods. He even tries to call us from inside my belly! I can't get him out! The coughing isn't going to work this time.. Uh oh! He may have to be digested if we can't get to him fast enough.. Guess the next time we may see him is in the toilet