Pls Don't Make Me Puke Again

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3,392 5.0
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shshsh6 May 21
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Just as good as "Please Don't Make Me Puke", but with a more visual stimulation.

Okay, maybe even slightly better: it's 13 seconds longer. :)

This is Gagging and Spittig (and dirty talking!) done right!

heatseeker00 - Top reviewer Feb 20
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This is my first video from Alice. The moment I saw the submissive nature of this video, I had to have it. I love where she spits all over her body and she starts to expose her cute tits later in the video. As someone who has a kink for bodily fluids, this is highly recommended!

BoxcarPete Jan 17 2018
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Incredible vid as usual, to me this is one of her hottest videos so far. Acting, action, everything is absolutely great. I cant recommend it enough!

Bobbyoppo - Top reviewer Jan 16 2018
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Another spitty deapthroat video from the master of deepthroating. I wish I could fuck het face and cum down her throat. I love how she rolls her eyes as she chokes on the dildo. Another great video from a beautiful woman.

Are you going to fuck my throat again? Okay, but please don't make me puke this time! I fuck my face and throat with a dildo, getting spit all over my mesh shirt and tits, while I beg you not to make me puke again. I take a moment to show off my spit covered tits before I beg for you to just cum down my throat at the end, so it'll be over