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American / Florida
14,257 5.0
24:22 min - Feb 23 - .WMV - 179.31 MB - 640x480


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megamillz Aug 13 2016

I. 😍 you. Damn girl

UrDaddy_1 Feb 5 2016

id like to buy a pair that was squirted or creamed on while u video tape it

jreigns deleted - Top reviewer Mar 6 2016
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Love Athena, or been a huge fan and she never disappoints. lots of different angles, not too many. doesn't get boring and then she builds up to this point to where she's fuckin' just squirting its nuts. and she try for like three more squirts but she's got nothing left, very hot. i love her because she's not like other fake broads that use balloons inside themselves or actually piss themselves you can tell its never that with her. oh god she's perfect. not enough videos of her in my opinion 10/10

JD33801 Nov 14 2017
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Such a hot video!! I can see why this video has over 12,000 views. I enjoyed it so much watching Athena squirt throughout the whole video

1kiwiguy - Top reviewer Sep 29 2017
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mmm very hot 10/10

Tentathulhu Nov 8 2016
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My only complaint is that I could only give it 5 stars. I wish there was more!