The Arab Maid & The Thief With A BBC

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Arab Cum Slut

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2,073 4.9
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t3pzfmej Jan 25

Excellent video. Loved your sexy maid outfit which was cool and sexy! Highly recommended.

t3pzfmej Jan 25

Excellent video. Loved your sexy maid outfit which was cool and sexy! Highly recommended!

tjrlcr2k1 - Top reviewer Feb 25
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Love the vid! Looking forward to more!!!

Ish1976 Feb 7
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Great video recommend watch everyone

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This video is worth the money!!! The BBC brother stole the show in this video as he is big, stayed hard throughout video and is very passionate with her especially eating her out and kissing. Would like to see him in more videos with her but going deeper and more doggy-style.

thanks for the review.. you’ll be pleased to hear that in our next video together, there’s lots more doggy-style !  It will be released soon and is even hotter !! Please follow @ArabCum5lut on twitter for updates:x

Thanks so much for your kind words! :x<3<3
Please follow me on twitter @ArabCum5lut - I have many more videos coming soon!

t3pzfmej Jan 25
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Purchased this video and had no complaints at all. Excellent value for money.

Thanks so much! There’s more from this hot pair coming very soon!

seymore232001 deleted Jan 17 2018
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A role play scenario featuring an arab maid who is at work cleaning the kitchen of her master's home, suddenly confronted by an intruder who has broken in to rob the house. She tries to defend herself but he overpowers her and she once he's calmed her down, she begins to warm to his advances. The big black muscle stud seduces her, persuading her to tell him the location of the safe containing the cash owed to him. He lifts her up, literally sweeping her off her feet and carries her to the lounge where he pulls her knickers aside and licks her hot arab pussy. She’s obviously enjoying his tongue as it manipulates her clit and she pulls her tits out from her french maid uniform and teases her brown nipples. He whips out his unbelievably huge 10 inch cock and gets her to sit on his face before doing the 69. She uses her size 28FF all natural boobs to give him a passionate tit wank and he pulls on her erect nipples. He then pulls her over his lap and lifts her apron up to reveal her hot arab ass which he spanks and caresses. He sucks on her big boobs while she wanks his big black cock, before he slowly begins to push it inside her tight pussy. She gets very wet on top and he picks her up, fucking her in mid-air until she orgasms, ejaculating all over his BBC. He then lays her on her back and fucks her used tight pussy bareback but it’s obvious she's horny more. With his cum spread all over her used pussy, she rides him reverse cowgirl and he fingers her clit while holding her close to him. He then lifts her up again, this time fucking her while she faces the camera so we can see his BBC sliding deep inside her wet pussy. She asks for his cum and jacks him off, sitting on his face once more. He licks and sucks her clit and has her moaning while masturbating his big black cock until he ejaculates