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Soaping & Lotioning Pregnant Boobs/Belly

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I'm four months pregnant, and not only is my stomach growing, but so are my tits! You clearly observe that as you watch me in a relaxing and seductive bath. I play with my big titties, grazing my fingers over my nipples, using my palms to cup my D sized breasts in my hands. I pour body wash all over my boobs and use a loofah to lather them up. The soap bubbles up and drips down my curves. I move so that my belly is visible, too, and cradle and caress it. I soap it up and gently lather it as well. This goes on for a few minutes and it is mesmerizing. Once I rinse the soap off, it is time to soften my body. I slowly squirt lotion all over my bumps, and my body looks so silky and soft
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