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Daddy fists bratty school girl


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I admit I havent been making the best choices. Ive been skipping class the past couple of weeks because of a boy. The more I do it the more nervous I get that Daddy is going to find out. I'm laying in bed writing my paper when Daddy walks through my bedroom door. He looks pissed. The school must have called. He confronts me and I'm trying to deny it but he knows I am lying so I finally confess. I know I'm in trouble and I expect spankings but I cant help but give him attitude. I bend over the bed and Daddy beats my butt red. Usually thats where it would end but he wants more. He wants me to show him what my friend and I have been doing. I show him where I put my lips and where his cock goes. Daddys cock is making me cum so much its gushing out. Soon after he stops and covers my eyes with his tie. I feel his fingers first then something so big and thick stretching me wide. Its not long and im begging for Daddy to stop and I pull the tie away from my eyes and see its his arm! He has me climb on top of him. Im riding his dick so hard my top tears and the button flies freeing my big boobs. I ride hard and fast until he fills my stretched pussy with his hot load. Tags: Fisting, school girl, spankings, paddles, brat, submissive, daddys girl, fisted, big tits, big legs, upskirt, bbw, belly, roleplay, stretching, school uniform, blindfolded, role play, creamy, blowjob, dirty talk, pov riding, nylon, thigh highs, spreading, gaping