My New Pink Outfit (Part 1

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Amy Villainous

American / Seattle
1,139 5.0
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Choice vid for the tiddie lovers out there

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It's all about Amy's chest here. Sporting cute raven pigtails and an overstrained pink bra and panties for the occasion, she teases and flaunts her billowing milky cleavage for the video's first half, frequently adjusting the fabric where only her nipples are covered, leaving pounds of delicious white flesh swelling out and spilling over. And those longing to be smothered with those huge breasts will get some excellent POV-from-below in the second half, when they're completely freed from their lacy restraints and bouncing and swinging about in extreme close-up, 'in-your-face' simulated sex action. All in all, a treat for big breast-ophiles.

I got a new pink outfit that I just can't wait to show off! The first of this 2 part video is all about me teasing you with my giant tits and showing off my chubby body. Lots and lots of swinging, bouncing, and nipple pinching in this one