Fetish Friday

Tease, Humiliation, Chain Smoking & JOI



Romanian / Romania
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I have read in a book that a woman's place is n the kitchen siting with crossed feet with a glass in her hand while a man is cooking for her. Said and done! I am there, sexy as fuck, humiliating you for being a man! It's not your fault for being born a man, but it is your fault for being in my presence, therefor you get the treatment! You have to lick my shoes clean while I tease and make you worship my boobs, my ass, my delicious body, while you cook for me and you don't get to touch me. You get to touch yourself only when I say so and you cum on command, because I have some rules for JOI. In all this time I do something else I enjoy, since it's all about me! I chain smoke! Another fetish of mine that you have to supply for
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