Genie in a bra - BE

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172 3.0
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It's great that Roxanne is doing a BE video again, but this short video was ok. I liked the concept but when it came to the main event of the peice it just didn't work for me. The process of growth wasn't great. I was hoping for more process, maybe even growth out of her clothes but really it was just movement to reveal the breasts then have them come out of bra. That aside the dialouge was good and it's just great to see Roxanne do her thing.

Some with more growth will come soon. Thistimewas to get bigger thanCharlene how bugged me for having small tits. Nextwhich will be called will go all the way!Thank you for the review!

Today something weird happened. In my PO box there was this bra. I took it as I have a thing for big bras. I wish I had boobs to fill a big bra like that. I was touching it gently when something happened. Out of the bra appeared Boobie - The Genie in a Bra! He said he has to make 3 wishes come true for setting him free. I asked for a blue lace bra, just because I wanted to be sure he is no scam. And then I asked hm to turn my plane white bra into a beautiful one with polka dots and lace. And third! I asked him to make my boobs bigger than Charlene's! God! I hate her! She always teased me about having big boobs and I was always frustrated in her presence. Now we will see who has bigger boobs, Charlene! It's me! The growth gave me a lot of pleasure and it made me cum. Now I know for sure that if I ever find Boobie again, I will ask him to make my boobs big as the house