Fuck Me Hard


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Heres a Forgotten Gem From Deep in the Archives, shot in February 2009 I feel It has stood the test of time and deserves being resurrected for your viewing pleasure its a bit of a marathon at just under 42 mins but its non stop action from start to finish with plenty of sucking and fucking and of course we finish with a cum shot, so ignore the erratic camera work and dodgy transitions and settle back and enjoy this awesome piece of nostalgia. In this movie Im playing the Character of Naughty Nataly and Im sat on the Bed in my Pink Basque waiting for my boyfriend “Foxy” to come home but he’s late so I start to play with my Vibrator but when he comes home and catches me he takes over and works the vibe deep in my cunt while I get to work on his stiff cock taking it deep in my mouth before climbing on board and riding him hard, and that’s just the start. Trisha xxx