Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
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TIA THOMAS: SECOND FEEDING I sing a bit of the opening to "Welcome Back, Kotter." Tia doesn't get the reference. I don't know any of the shows she grew up watching. 19 years old. From Philadelphia. Dances at Oasis and has put in 8 months stripping. Has a regular who buys her panties. Best Philly Cheesesteak is found at Gino's. Spectacular all-natural boobs. Her boyfriend still thinks she's doing regular modelling and has no clue about the porn. Tia enjoys the variety of dick she's getting. Peels down her panties to reveal her caramel, deep dish ass cheeks. Poses in doggy and arches her ass for me. She's come to Los Angeles for one week of sucking and fucking. Tia drops to her knees and services me with loving lips. She seems to genuinely enjoy sucking cock. Nothing fake about this freak. Hedonistic head bobbing. She goes deeper and deeper with hands-free head. "My mouth is calling for some nice, hot, wet cum!" Titty fuck. Ball licking. Begs for a big load. A massive cumshot spurts and squirts all over her tongue. She struggles to swallow it but gets the job done. Tia tells me she can often be found hanging out on South Street in Philadelphia. You can, too. Keep a lookout for her
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