Mistress Finds The Runaway Ken


Lady Morrigan

Romanian / Texas, USA
10:54 min - Feb 02 - .MP4 - 849.18 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Custom Clip*: Ken is standing on the floor as I walk in. I am wearing seamed fishnets and a leotard, no shoes on. I turn to model the sexy seams for Ken. "So you have been running and hiding from Me again, eh? You know I don't like that!" I say, then squat down and pick up Ken. "I'm going to have to teach you a lesson, little man." First, I sit on My feet, then I change position and sit on the floor with knees up close to the chest. I let Ken sit on My knee as I lecture him; then I put him down on the floor next to Me. In the end, I decide to sit on him, and he's getting squashed under My giant ass, only his arm and head sticking out. That way he will never run from Me again. *** This clip includes elements of: FEMDOM POV, MEAN GIANTESS, DOLL FETISH, FISHNETS, LEGS, ASS FETISH, CRUSH FETISH