FAYE REAGAN Casting 18 Years Old 1st BJ

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
1,279 5.0
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shooter5 - Top reviewer Jan 20 2018
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Great to see Faye in her early days before she went from Valentine to Reagan. Iron once again gives a great interview and has her show off her lovely body. Some nice cock sucking and Faye admits its the biggest cock she's sucked. She wants some cum as she sucks on Iron;s balls and he delivers a nice big thick load of jizz for her to swallow. Great girl with a fun attitude and Iron certainly brought out the best in her.

Brandon Iron Jan 20 2018

Thank you for the feedback, shooter5!  I appreciate it!
All the best!  :)

ricky3_14 - Top reviewer Mar 23
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Faye Reagan just as she was starting her great career! I wonder what she is up to these days. Hope she's well

Thank you for checking out Faye's early work, hrkml21!  She certainly has earned her many fans! :)

Brandon Iron Feb 9 2018

Thanks! :)

FAYE REAGAN Casting 18 Years Old 1st BJ Were you a student at Great Basin College in Elken, Nevada, during 2006-2007? Does Faye look familiar? One of the absolute gems in my collezioni is an early casting video of 18 year old Faye Valentine, the stage name she used before switching it to Faye Reagan. She had a long and storied career and was active until 2016. Long red hair. Freckles. A porn recruiter pitched her at a wedding. He promised her a lot of money and that excited her. Lost her virginity a year ago. Wasn't a good experience, mainly because it was on a construction site and she wasn't comfortable. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, but the family moved to Las Vegas less than a year later. She also lived in Pahrump for 2 years. Faye describes her height as "almost 5'7" and weighs 108lbs. Left college to do porn. 2 sisters and a brother. She's the only redhead. Eldest of her siblings. Family doesn't know what she's doing. Tight, very short black dress with open-toed high heels. Her sex ed came from school. No Birds and Bees talk at home. Easy access dress. Puffy, all-natural 34C boobs are flashed. They're her favourite part of herself, along with her flat stomach. Dress comes off. Faye recounts doing her first scene the other day, a threesome with 2 guys. She's only done 2 masturbation scenes, one BG, one GG, and the threesome. I put her on the spot and have her recreate the best 10 seconds of her solo masturbations. Tiny thong flosses her teen bubble butt. I'm the first man to rim her. Finally, something solid to put on my resume! I worship that hairless hole. Faye recounts the only time a dick has invaded it (during her threesome, by accident!). Shoes come off. French pedicured toes. Pink soles. Flexible, spreadable toes. I ask her to reveal a secret about herself. Here it is: all her socks are stained because she cleans up spills and messes with them. I give her one of mine and she gives me a hand job while wearing it. This is her FIRST BLOWJOB VIDEO! She loves cum and considers it protein. Has a supportive boyfriend who knows what she does. Faye was arrested when she was 17 after running away from home. She was extremely inebriated and later released to her parents. The blowjob begins and her star qualities shine brightly. Total magic mouth and focused eyes. "This is the biggest dick I've ever sucked!" I grab her hair and use her a suck puppet. Mild face fucking. The freckles on her cheeks dance around. Begs for cum. "This is the biggest dick I've ever sucked. I want it to be the biggest load, too!" Quick foot job, another first! Naturally gifted technique. I suck her toes and take a huge whiff before dropping a load into her gaping mouth. She swallows it and smiles. It was the beginning of a great xxx career! Faye turns 30 in the fall of 2018. Wouldn't it be interesting to watch her watching her younger self and recall the things that she remembers about that time of her life