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Spy on Mommy - the shower



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I get back from work and I think: mmmm! I am home alone. Let me take a good bath and enjoy some beauty treatments such as cold milk all over my body during a quite hot shower, a little shampooing and some hair treatment, a very fancy shower gel... This is soooo great! But somehow I feel I am not home alone and my doubts become reality! I turn around and what do I see? Well! For Hell's Bells! It's my step son! After the initial shock, I realize that he is turning in to a man. He is almost 19 and he should learn at home what a real woman looks like. And then the best education is the one you get at home, right? After the shock passes I become more interested in his cock since he has a young nice one. Not an old one like his father has! He tells me he's been spying on us for quite some time. But he is still a little bit shy. I can see he is horny as fuck, but his cum shot is sooo small. And then a new thought crosses my mind... this is just the beginning
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