Dawn From Pokemon Gets Bred By Arcanine

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Lana Rain

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66,807 4.9
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Please do either alexis or akiza from yu gi oh

So pure...

coolc70 Feb 1 2018

Your pussy looks so sweet and pink, yum

Raptor117 Jan 24 2018

Amazing, would love to see you do a May/Haruka. Though my personal preference is with regular dildos.

Tigger Rosey Jan 23 2018

Wow 💕❤️ Hot as f***

falnconfighter Jan 23 2018

looks amazing, are you ever going to do may/haruka?

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noperrs Sep 15
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Not sure that anyone needs reminding that Lana is the boss around these parts. Great work, for sure.

Jeramie - Top reviewer Sep 2
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Great video from lana

trock230 - Top reviewer May 14 2018
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LANA IS COSPLAY QUEEN!!! That is all..

dw87432 Apr 24 2018
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The video description is accurate. The concept and the execution were both done well. The only thing that irked me was that the last minute of the video was just self-promotion with no content. This is the first video I purchased from this individual/store so for all I know it's the norm. It just left me feeling disappointed.

Souleater20 Feb 23 2018
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I'm not a huge pokemon fan anymore but from what I know of the character Dawn added with all the Lewd stuff that I have seen this is 100% Dawn all the way. This video is really hot I can see why Lana got turned on just by putting it together shit I would too. With her cosplay and how she reacted and interacted with the toy her vocal response to what is happing makes this one extremely hot. It did not help that the lead up to this video (i.e all the hentai and lewd pics on twitter) made it even harder to wait for it but it was so worth it in the end once you get to watch Dawn get fucked.

Pyroexplosive96 Feb 19 2018
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Probably the best thing I've watched in a long time, maybe just the model but hot damn.

Anchovy Jan 31 2018
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Lana Rain....what else add? Perfect!!

Sexyink1992 Jan 31 2018
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Damn I loved the ending so much!

reptar95 Jan 25 2018
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You're my girl, Lana <3 Keep putting out the best content anywhere and we'll always support you ^.^

Bioshock99 Jan 21 2018
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Great Video Lana...truly Amazing...Great deep throating. And lots of great angles. Guys buy her video if you love Lana :)

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jan 21 2018
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As a fan of Pokémon, I am glad to see Lana doing another pokemon girl from teh series. Dawn is one of my favorites and Lana nails the cosplay. As for the vidoe itself. Well there is lots to go around. Nice pussy fucking action with a spread and creampie in the end. I lost at the creampie part so well done Lana. i look forward to seeing more

B-Tier][No Plot][Cosplay][FullHD][60FPS] Dawn (Hikari) from Pokemon shows us a side of her we all knew she always had. What a fuckin slut. ||||||||||||||||||| For those active on Twitter during the day I finished editing this, this video got me so fuckin wet just from putting it all together. The concept, the visuals, the depiction, and just the fact I got to share something so LEWD with the rest of you guys on public Twitter was a very special kind of thrill and I look forward to more like this throughout the year
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