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Bunnie Hughes

American / The Ship Serenity
262 5.0
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jurassiccock - Top reviewer May 9
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Immersive... this video is incredibly immersive. I loved watching my sexy coworker Bunnie cum to a skype call from her husband and get caught by our boss. So sinful. So sexy.

This video utilizes 2 points of view -- one from my neighbor's cubicle as he watches me have cyber sex with my husband, and one from the POV of my husband on the skype call. My husband calls and asks me if I'm wearing panties -- of course not, he told me not to! After reminding me how much I've been working lately, he convinces me to let loose in the office and masturbate with him while no one is watching (or so I think). We all finish together just as my boss comes into the office, completely unaware of all the naughty fun we just had! This video features up-close angles as well as far away shots, and is filled with the thrill of a public experience in an intimate setting. It definitely fulfills the exhibitionist and voyeur experience you're seeking all at once! -B