27 Orgasms

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Miss Taylor BBW

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272 5.0
26:27 min - Jan 22 - .MP4 - 1.50 GB - 1280x720 HD


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mecho11 - Top reviewer Mar 29
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Absolutely terrific way to celebrate a girl's birthday!
Miss Taylor squirms, squeals, and quivers 27 times in this exciting video of true female pleasure. Can't wait to watch her turn 28, 29, etc.
Great concept carried out to many happy conclusions!

Yay I'm glad you liked :)

Its my birthday so whats a perfect way to celebrate turning 27 you ask? 27 ORGASMS! That is if I can last. Ive never came 27 times in one day at one time. Ever. Lets celebrate and set a record :) I start off using just my fingers on my clit. Soon I switch over to my wand and really tickle my clit until Im squirming. I need some penetration so I start fucking myself with my glass dildo and use my wand with it. I go back to just my wand in the end. i start grinding my pussy hard until Im squirting. You can hear my juices pouring out of my pussy. Beautiful Agony Style GFE Truth be told I lost count after 25 but I hit 27 if not 30 :p Tags: BBW, big tits, intense orgasms, squirming, moaning fetish, hitachi, gfe, beautiful agony, belly, jiggles, bouncing boobs, squirt, squirting