Fetish Friday



Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
15:39 min - Jan 23 - .MP4 - 174.11 MB - 640x480


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4'11" SANDY LEARNS THAT BIG LOADS MATTER I met sultry Sandy when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. Sweet and petite, standing 4'11 tall. Born in Ventura, California, but now living in the San Fernando Valley. Cute feet. Loves to travel to Cancun and New York. Married in Mexico a few short months ago. She and her husband travelled all over Mexico. She's 20 and he's in his 30s. She likes older men. Sandy's favourite part of herself? Her tan-lined boobs. She vows to never get implants. Turns around and drops her pants. Exquisite t-back thonged rump roast, the results of years of basketball, swimming, volleyball, track and field, and dancing. One sister and one brother. All her family knows about her porn choice. They want her to be normal, whatever that is. Thong comes off. Pretty pussy. Poses for me in doggy, her favourite position. Only the husband has fucked her ass. Other limitations: no one over 40 and no interracial. She's "just not into men over 40." She likes dark-skinned, athletic, men with nice teeth. Turn offs? Bad shoes, ugly feet, and unkempt facial hair. Sandy drops to her knees and pays homage to my cock. Succulent suction from a picky pleaser. "I'm Lovin' It!" I think to myself as she sucks on my McNuggets. I ask, "Who's a good little cum eater?" She replies, "Me!" She says that the cum is going to taste good. I try to get Sandy upsold to full service. She agrees at first, but changes her mind. Double-fist jerk before some foot play. Begs for cum as I fuck her soles. I suck her toes and she wiggles them for me. "I like that you like that!" Back to her knees to suck my balls and coax a huge, thick cumshot onto her tongue. Sandy swallows it all, telling me she had a great time. I am in my post-cum haze and don't register the lie