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Bella French

Canadian / Canada
318 4.1
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I'll pay 89.99 to personally fuck your tits but not to watch a video of it...

Porchia_and_Jess_fan deleted Jul 25 2015

Once again, there is no description about the "cumshots". I have supported you for years & purchased several clips, but will not purchase any more unless I know that it ends in a facial. Not going to spend $90 to find out if I'm wrong.

Bella French Jul 25 2015

Life is full of surprises and that's the beauty of it! Have a nice day babe!

hissam19 Jul 18 2015

Don't forget I am firist one buy this video 89 $

hissam19 Jul 10 2015

I bought this video for your eyes

hissam19 Jul 7 2015

Bella French sexy girl in the world

Bella French Jul 6 2015

As far as I'm concerned, getting naked for the world to see and getting fucked in the ass 89.99$ is way toooooooo cheap.

hissam19 Jul 7 2015

Bella you are very sexy girl put 1000$

hissam19 Jul 7 2015

hissam19just now
Bella you are very sexy girl put 1000$ I will buy it

alerosa Jul 6 2015

Why not available to members??!?!

ljb2228978 Jul 6 2015

It's too expensive,could you down the price in the future.

hissam19 Jul 6 2015

I buy this video 25/7

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BellaLove Jul 18 2015
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If you want to see Bella, in POV, really working out a real cock, then you should get this vid. Bella is crazy seXy as usual, Top Notch!

hissam19 Jul 18 2015
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Very sexy I bought this video 89 $ for your eye I wish fuck you and put my dick in your pussy

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you are a top sex performer....wish I could party with you...

Wonderpoker May 21 2017
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Awesome concept but the camera work is not great. Liked it but priced too high for what you get.

Steve2932 Sep 22 2015
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What a video! From the opening scenes where Bella appears in that sexy bunny outfit, to the final moments and cum shot, this is a fantastic purchase. The outfit was an instant appeal to me and Bella looks incredible... Her tits straining out of that corset top, with much boob and cleavage views will keep me watching this again and again on its own! Excellent picture quality and sound, you see and hear Bella enjoy ever minute of her time with that cock. She is perfect! Strip; POV; eye contact; close ups; titty fucking; anal... Bella gives it all! You won't be disappointed

Black delicious
Black delicious deleted Aug 1 2015
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It was just ok. I wish you did a bit more with the anal. I thought the camera was out of focus a few times. It was a bit disappointing.

My 1st ever anal scene!! Everything is included in this vid; teasing, dirty talking, BJ, intense titty fucking with my HUGE boobs, pussy close up, hard fucking, figuring my very little tight ass and anal fucking!! The ultimate high paid escort experience with a very happy ending. Enjoy Big Kisses Bella XXX
Bella French
Canadian / Canada
Bella French
Canadian / Canada
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