g/g MAKEOUT at bar Ghetto restroom

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Tigger Rosey

Canadian / Canada
995 5.0
3:47 min - Jan 24 - .MOV - 221.87 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Tiggerspiglet deleted Jan 25

The tongue sucking is so fricking hot. I love it.

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Two very pretty girls kissing, making out & yes, titty play, spontaneously sexy, very sensual! I loved it.

thank you <3

girl girl / lesbian makeout / kissing video. So i met this girl at the bar, and we just really hit it off. We had instant chemistry... She took me into the public bathroom in the back of the bar where only ''VIPs" go, and it seemed to be quite the shack.. Vandalism everywhere. But i loved that. We just started talking and it started with a cute kiss on the cheek, and then it led to .. this. Hot make out scene... I suck on her small natural tits with pierced nipples at one point and she does the same to me ! Filmed on iPhone SE ... I love when she sucks on my tongue
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