Ass oil and clench

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British / England
1,936 5.0
6:53 min - Jan 25 - .MP4 - 546.13 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Amazing ass, great ass clapping and great clenching if you're into that good camera quality also.

Custom request: As for the custom. Camera angle same as the start in this video up close to your lower back/ass/thighs. No music please. First minute you rub oil on your ass and tease a bit by making your ass clap with no underwear. Next 4min you mainly clench your ass and push your hips foward a bit like the webm. In the end, you clench your ass while shaking it side to side and do a 10 second cum countdown. Webm to show what I mean by clench/push hips NSFW. . I forgot to mention while you push your hips foward and ass clench do it standing straight with your thighs touching and then sometimes with your legs spread apart mix it up a bit