20yo Stripper from Deja Vu Eats My Goo

365 5.0

Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
365 5.0
12:05 min - Jan 27 - .MP4 - 135.45 MB - 640x480


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shooter5 - Top reviewer Feb 21
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Nice girl takes on iron. Interesting ending where Iron dumps a big thick load in her mouth. She gags a bit and goes to swallow and gags some more, but doesn't seem to swallow it down. Iron notices this and tells her to take a big swallow and open up, she then actually swallows it down. Great job by Iron and shows the true training and professionalism that he's great at. And we don't have a cum dodger here

20yo Stripper from Deja Vu Eats My Goo I met bubbly Brittany when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. Lower abdomen tattoo of a pussy cat with the text "Goddess." Tight summer top, short jean skirt, and flip flops. 5'4" 20 years old. "Gemini" tattoo on her shoulder. Has a brother in the military, protecting and serving her right to be a nude model without knowing what she's doing for work. Dances under the name Calise at Deja Vu in Louisville, Kentucky. 34-26-36. PAWG booty flossed by a pink thong. Former gymnast who also ran track. Loved doing the vaults and short distance sprints. Gets naked and poses in doggy for me. Brittany models her pussy and asshole. 3 months into porn, she's already given up her ass and did a 6 man interracial gangbang. For those anal newbies about to be plowed by BBC, she recommends training with a butt plug. Size 8 feet. Other jobs include taking tickets at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. Shaved pussy. She sits on my face. Has been arrested for smoking weed outside of Deja Vu. Had to pay a fine and take a 3-hour education class. I invite Brittany to her knees. "I'm going to stick your cock in my mouth. I"m going to get it real wet and get you to cum in my mouth." She plays head games with me, locking her lips on my tip. Started giving head at 14 to her boyfriend on the school bus. Mild face fucking. "I want you to cum in my mouth. Am I doing a good job?" She thanks me for pumping her face. Begs for cum while she strokes me with both hands. "Please give it to me, Sir!" Ball licking leads to load dumping. A hot white stripe is painted on her tongue. She swallows everything. Job well done