Game of tears


Miss Taylor BBW

American / USA
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HardNok Jan 31

Don't know if I should be scared or aroused... a little both?

I got a game for us to play. You know I love games. I start off teasing your little cock. It starts to get hard but I dont let that last for long. I start squeezing the head of your dick and your balls until it feels like it might pop. You tear up under my touch but were not finished just yet. In fact were just getting started. I pinch the tip with my long nails, pull your skin and just when you think youre going to get my warm wet mouth wrapped around your pathetic cock I bite down and tug making you tense up and sqeal. I then grab clothespins and I think you know what comes next. Tags: cbt, bbw, sph, pain, laughing, clothespins, cock slapping, ball slapping, cock biting, biting, slapping, ball biting, goddess, femdom, pain, pain and humiliation, pinching, nail fetish, teasing, thumping, teeth dragging, role play