Sister Makes You Cum Under the Covers

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American / The Woods
1,549 4.3
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Rowley1080 Jan 29 2018
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I usually despise JOI videos, they're usually too long or repetitive, but Holo did this perfectly. The tone, the words, descriptions, the perfect setting and amount of nudity. It's easily my favorite JOI and I will definitely buy more videos from her. She's so cute and sexy all at once and I got so wrapped in her words and eyes that I didn't realize that I bust right as she tells me to in the video. 10/10

TGavin Feb 7 2018
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Too boring for me. Didn't seem real enough and felt forced.

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The teasing. OMG the teasing! I immediately started looking for more like this in her library. Fantastic bro/sis JOI. Thank you!

jeromekurtis - Top reviewer Jan 31 2018
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A simple scenario perfectly composed. This is probably one of the best takes on an intimate in-the-bed seduction I've seen. Holo is just captivating. If only MV allowed for the rare deployment of more than 5 stars...this video certainly would deserve it.

You wake up in the middle of the night to find your younger sister decided to sneak into bed with you. She can't help but notice you were having a naughty dream, and offers to give you a hand with the result.. As she strokes you, she starts whispering all the naughty things she's imagined the two of you doing. Your sister promises to make you cum, as long as you return the favor the next night and wake her up with the same treatment. Just be sure to keep quite, wouldn’t want to wake up mom and dad! *If you are hearing impaired and need subtitles added, please let me know after purchase and I will send you a subtitled version!