Intimate masturbation for daddy



British / England
13:19 min - Jan 29 - .MP4 - 2.00 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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CUSTOM REQUEST: So you decide to film yourself masturbating for daddy, while talking him through your fantasies and what you'd like him to be doing to you as you play with yourself. E.g, tell him what you wished he was doing to your tits while your playing with them, and vice versa with your pussy/ass etc. Just keep a constant commentary of light dirty talk and fantasies as you work your way to orgasm with your hands and a vibrator if needed. I'd like this to be quite amateur style so the less perfect the quality the better, even if you film on a phone camera if possible (filming on a phone would mean you'd have only have one free hand and that would add to the intimate homemade feel alot) If you could have none or light makeup, have your hair down, wear just comfy clothes. > This is very different for me and shot with an Iphone 7s so the quality is lower. I also do not wear make up and don't have a fresh shave to add to the amateur style