721 5.0

Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
721 5.0
14:00 min - Jan 30 - .MP4 - 156.64 MB - 640x480


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shooter5 - Top reviewer Feb 21
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We get introduced to a lovely teen ass in a nice thing that belongs to the super cute Jade.  Fun interview with her before iron is probing that tight teen ass with a finger.
Iron finally gets out his big cock for her to suck. She does ok but can't take it very deep. The pov shot shows how big iron's penis is compared to her lol.  Iron doesn't really train her and just enjoys a nice blowjob.
He has to try out that pussy and Jade climbs on board to ride his big cock. Once again she can't take his big penis very deep in her pussy but has a fun little ride and it's nice to see iron enjoy some good teen pussy and relax. Her ass looks great as she rides and iron gives it some squeeze as his penis goes in and out of her pussy. She spins around for some reverse cowgirl and we see her face as she rides him.
It's feeding time and he has her open wide as he dumps in a good thick load. We get the slightest of a gag by her, but she swallows it down like a champ and we get a great job by iron breaking this one in.

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