Freebie Tuesday

Gifting a unicorn to Kat and Craig

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American / New England
8,070 4.0
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Love seeing vids where people are really enthusiastic and in to it. The girls sure seemed to be in to each other, but I just found the guy’s clumsiness to be distracting. Just didn’t know what he was doing and that made it almost painful to watch at times.

For a seemingly long-ass time, I've been trying to film a unicorn (a bisexual girl who likes to fuck couples, for the uninitiated) with a real couple that wanted one and was willing to fuck on camera to get her. Believe it or not, I had plenty of girls who liked the idea of being with a random couple, but not a lot of couples wanted to get paid to live out their fantasy on camera--but I digress, this scene was worth the wait, the work, and every penny. Kat and Craig were delighted to team up and absolutely destroy a stacked slut like Ruby. I filmed it, but mostly just let these two do what they wanted with their shiny new toy for the evening instead of really directing it, and what I got was a solid half-hour fuck and suckfest that has something for everyone. The most fun surprise came when Kat told me that she regularly enjoys having Craig shove that monster dick of his up her tight little asshole, and not only convinced Ruby to put in her princess plug (anal isn't quite her thing...yet) but to service her pussy while getting her ass impaled. I know this costs more than my other videos, but trust me, it's worth the money
Getting intimate with Ivy
American / New England
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