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272 4.0
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A decent clip, the expansion process was better then the prevous one and i think the acting was better this time around. The process could have been better i think, rather then pull open the shirt let the breasts do the work and force a tighting shirt open. The ending was great and super sexy and hot! Overall a decent video worth a buy.

You've been keeping me on birth control pills and from what I figure out now also on hormones to make my chest grow and grow and grow. Now that I have this beautiful cleavage is it time for you to stop it! Don't play that crying sound again! woooah! My chest is inflating again! I can feel the milk coming in and the skin stretch! Oh my God! The shirt buttons just exploded! What if I get pregnant again? My boobs would be so huge that I might carry a couple of babies inside. Oh! and it is so erotic that I can't help but to touch myself to cum. Now baby! Please milk me to reduce the pressure! Milk me I say