Taboo HD: Sexy Sister Masturbates

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Bunnie Hughes

American / The Ship Serenity
823 5.0
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fantastic!!!!i love soles

Bad13lng Apr 13

I've been in a similar situation tell how yours turned out ill do same

jurassiccock - Top reviewer May 9
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Wow! Kinky! Such a horny little girl ;)

I live with my big brother and he has finally left me home alone! He'll be gone for 15 minutes, so that gives me plenty of time to make myself cum... right? I've always wanted to masturbate in the kitchen... so as soon as he leaves, I bring out my favorite toys! I use the hitachi to get myself super slick and wet, squirting a little on the floor... then I strip out of my panties and shirt, and use the dildo on myself. I insert it into my pussy, then pound away, riding it and trying it in many positions -- even doggy style! Little do I know, my big brother is recording it all. As I feel myself about to cum, he walks in the door! -B
Bunnie Hughes
American / The Ship Serenity
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