Danny Gunn Hot As Fuck Flip Fuck

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Dave Slick

American / Scottsdale, AZ
1,695 5.0
18:53 min - Feb 05 - .MP4 - 704.80 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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telg2293 Apr 17
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Dave and Danny flip fucking...hot and sexy as hell! Loved it!

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Start with 2 sexy men, add great camera angles and hot action and you get part of the way to this video. Add Dave Slick's trademark thinly-veiled intense passion (still waters do run deep in this man) and Danny Gunn's raw sensuality and you are all the way to a hot wet mess all over yourself! Really well done!

This was so fucking hot. Starting with some making out and sucking, we 69 before flipping between me and him bottoming. Then I get under him again till he pulls out and cums on my face, sticks his cummy cock back in me, until I bust all over hisss face. I fucking love this video