Fetish Friday

Lollipop Girl: Banana Split



American / Your Closet
6:11 min - Jul 10 - .MP4 - 531.77 MB


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Go bananas for this clip! Licking and sucking the out of this delicious banana split flavored round lollipop. I am really going to show you just how delicious thislollipop is. Plenty of sucking and slurping sounds with lots of SPIT. Watch me lick and suck on this yummy lollipop in a very colorful style. Plenty of close ups and different angles. Your going to feel so happy and free watching this clip because of all the colors and the amazing lollipop licking. Contains elements of: LOLLIPOP - LOLLIPOP LICKING - MOUTH FETISH - SPIT FETISH - TONGUE FETISH - GODDESS - COLORS