Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church Part 2



American / Deep South
8:31 min - Feb 10 - .MP4 - 1.23 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Mom came into wake me up for church just like last week, but just like last week i had a raging hard on. so when she came into my room i was jerking it hard, she startled me so i tried to hide it. mom told me to get up but i showed her my hard dick and said i still need to take care of it and i asked if she could help me like she did last week. she argued for a little bit but eventually she agreed. while mom was teasing and showing me her tits dad knocked on the door. we both jumped and my mom told me to stay in bed and she would talk to him, mom poked her head out of my door and i kept stroking it. mom told dad i was up and she would be out soon, she closed the door and came back over. mom told me i had to hurry but i said it wasn't working and that i couldn't cum. i told her i didn't know what to do, could she help me? she asked what i meant and i told her that maybe she could use her hand to help me cum faster and then we could make it to church on time? she was stunned but u begged and pleaded with her and she finally agreed. my sexy topless Jesus loving mom stroked to an amazing orgasm! This is Part 2 of Mom Helps Son Cum Before Church, it stars Coco Vandi and is a POV Taboo Handjob scene