Angry Giant Teacher



American / West Coast
10:43 min - Feb 15 - .MP4 - 535.48 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Warning** Gay degradation video. Role-play involved Giant Taylor is a teacher that has simply had ENOUGH of his ungrateful students… So he decides it’s time to teach them all a lesson. FE FI FO FUM Taylor walks out already gigantic and starts pouring out his emotions for why he shrunk all of the students. Then, he looses his shirt, and drops his pants to reveal that all he is wearing is one MASSIVE jock strap! Doesn’t sound all that bad until teacher Taylor starts squashing the students one by one… even eating some of the students as his hunger starts to get to him. If you are going to make a fool of Taylor, he will get his REVENGE! FE FI FO FUM!! Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Role-play