Sucking dick on all fours

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4,592 4.8
17:55 min - Feb 18 - .MP4 - 1.27 GB - 2704x1520 HD

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MoparLover - Top reviewer Jun 19
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An Extremely Hot A Sexy Mouthing From A Pure Hottie. You'll Love Watching This One And End Up Craving More!!!!

:A thanks so much!

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"Amazingly sexy" is no exaggeration this may be one of the hottest BJ videos I've ever seen. You definitely have to check this one out!

^.^ thank you!!

muk1982 - Top reviewer Jun 19
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God I would love this sexy woman to suck on my tiny pathetic dick watching this video made me rockhard in seconds I highly recommend easy five stars

<3<3 Thanks!

Bjs are my speciality :x

Scr3wTapE - Top reviewer Jun 19
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Sexy, Sweet, Angel !!!!

:x thanks lovely!

Heero_G - Top reviewer Jun 19
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Sexy girl and great blowjob! :)

Thank you :x

Venus Rain - Top reviewer Jun 19
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You are so hot and sexy in this video & pretty amazing Blowjob! i don't know what the hell is wrong with that one star dude xD but he must be jealous that he's not the one being sucked lol ♥

Thank you Venus! I pride myself in giving great head :] maybe they're not into amateur..

:] I know right? I'd turn for myself in this video ;);) But I'm glad you think so

Andrew_120 - Top reviewer Jun 19
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Great BJ vid. All of the action is at a great pace. Nothing is rushed, and it features Darya Jane in an incredibly sexy bra & panties set.

Thank you so much! <3 So glad you enjoyed it.

Brokelink - Top reviewer Jul 20
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I love messy BJ, so this video was perfect !

Thank you! I'm getting good at the messy ones :P

bobby0159 - Top reviewer Jun 20
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Most probably the best freebie i've seen on MV so far. You look amazing, and mad oral and tongue skills.

<3<3 I like to think I have a talented tongue

Badlander - Top reviewer Jun 23
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With the static camera and "just" a blowjob to be performed this video had the potential risk of becoming too repetetive, given its length, but it is definitely not the case.

Things stay interesting throughout with slight variation, be it a more visible use of the tongue or a slight body movement, giving us a better view of her boobs.

Everything moves along at a good pace, giving the scene a good flow.

The finish looks great as well, with the increased speed of the sucking leading into a nice surprise climax straight into the mouth with some nice cumplay to follow.

Overall, good video, great fun to be had.

1 Star review for a free video..?
Guess I can't be everyone's cup of tea.

This hot video is an introduction to my body and one of my talents.. Come watch me really get in and enjoy my partners big hard cock! Dressed up in my new black lingerie, garters and thigh high stockings and long purple hair, with a great view of my sexy curves, tattoos and boobs almost spilling out of my bra. I playfully lick and dive in to get cock deep in my mouth and throat. I finish him in my mouth continuing to suck until I start drooling and dribbling cum. Love & cum follow me.