Crazy Ex-GF POV BJ and Facial

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Jessica Starling

Maltese / Ontario, Canada
2,426 5.0
20:27 min - Feb 19 - .MP4 - 4.27 GB - 3840x2160 HD


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Wish this included riding and a creampie version too.

Liquids Heaven - Top reviewer Mar 10
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Not gonna lie, I was so shook watching this vid lol. The acting was spot on. She really knows how to play crazy and it's believable (don't hurt me Jess). It doesn't say this in the description, but there's a ton of feet shown throughout the video for all you Feet BB guys.

Superb video quality. Look forward to seeing more of this character.

There's also a small Easter Egg about this video. See if you guys can spot it.

You recently broke up with your extremely hot and extremely crazy girlfriend. You blocked her number and her social media and thought you'd never see her again -- until you wake up to her sitting over you. You made the mistake of leaving your window open. But it's okay, because she KNOWS you didn't mean it when you broke up with her... right? She has a kitchen knife with her. You still love her, don't you? It's probably in your best interest if you said you did. It's not like you can run away, with your hands being cuffed and all. Your ex starts to strip. She wants to remind you of how perfect you two were together. How well she could take care of her cock. How tight her throat felt. She wraps her lips around your cock and begins to suck you off. You begin to forget she even broke in to your house and handcuffed you, her mouth feels so good. But she owns you now, doesn't she? She makes you say it to her. She owns you and your cock. You're going to be hers, forever. You cum all over her face. She plays with it, saying she's so happy you two are back together now. | Tags: brunette, long hair, big tits, natural tits, big boobs, role play, roleplay, female domination, executrix, blowjobs, blowjob, BJ, facial, cumshot, dirty talk