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Its Not Like Asuka Enjoys Making You Cum

25,981 5.0

Lana Rain

American / NYC
25,981 5.0
10:52 min - Feb 23 - .MP4 - 1.79 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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DaveInIA Jul 22
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This is top quality cosplay, acting, filming and editing! I really enjoyed those brief moments when Asuka brings her mouth close to the tip, as if she's tempted to suck it, and then pulls away at the last second. What a tease!!! ;) Absolutely a great value for the money. I refuse to download Lana's content for free, and look forward to buying future blowjob and handjob role-playing themed releases.

lovesbrain - Top reviewer Mar 10
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This video is set up perfectly! Asuka cosplay is spot on, make up is flawless, and the ending was worth cumming for. Purchase the vid asap, unless you want to keep reading about how Lana makes me cum buckets in which case the tsundere acting had me biting my lip wanting to cum all over asuka's face

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Feb 23
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It has been awhile since Lana has made a JOI vidoe, so it is nice to see another one that she has done. Her Yuno one was more of a Yandere JOI, and this is Asuka a Tsundere JOI . As such, Lana nails the character of Asuka perfectly in this video. Something that she has already done before but doing it in a different way. Also, she nails the disgusted expression but as a tsundere, secretly enjoys what she does for you. If I can recommend 2 other vidoes, i highly suggest you get her Yuno vidoes and her 1st Asuka vidoes to see how much she has imporved in quality in her vids. But in conclusion, if you love JOI, Veangelion, and/or tsunderes, get this vid

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Auska is the perfect character for a tsundere video. In the anime, Asuka is normal a cold person but there is those time where she shows her warmer side a little and Lana pulls that off. with Lana amazing acting skills coupled with her attention to detail and her knowledge of the character that she is cosplaying she really gives you the watcher the idea that Asuka is really giving them a handjob.

B-Tier][FullHD][60FPS][Cosplay][POV] Asuka tries to "punish" you for spying on her naked the other day. I-its not like she enjoys giving you a handjob or anything! ||||||||||||||||||||||| This is my Asuka (from Evangelion) version of my Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki / Future Diary) handjob video. Yuno's was a yandere version and this one is a tsundere one