Daughter Control: ENTIRE MOVIE

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Tucker has just arrived in town. It's been so long since she's seen her family because she has been a busy new Mother. Now that she finally has some time to get away from her baby, Tucker is dying to see her parents. Tucker's father Tony has a remote control device that he can control Tucker with. He decided a long time ago to take the work he does for the government home and that is how he now has this special remote. He has used it in the past numerous times due to a chip he implanted in her. Tucker has been away for so long that her Father is dying to see if it still works. Tucker's father used to have a lot of fun with Tucker and he is dying to do it again. Tucker and her husband had a female baby a few months ago. That won't do to carry on the family name and Tucker's Father Tony wants to fix it. Tucker and her husband do not know it, but Tucker's baby is in fact, her Father's. Tucker's Father tests out the remote to see if he can control her. He is dying to touch her gorgeous body and he wants to do so much more. His goal is to impregnate his daughter. For now, he just wants to lick her sexy little breasts Tucker is home visiting her parents. Her Father Tony continues to use his remote control device to control he and it seems to be still working after all of these years. Tucker becomes obedient and robotic and then doesn't remember ANYTHING that has happened. Tony is thrilled and horny at the idea that he could use this device to impregnate his daughter. Tucker is once again under her Father's control and he tells her to spin around and show off her body for him. She then removes her clothes and Tony touches his daughter's hot body. Her pussy is getting all wet as her Daddy touches her. He fingers her pussy and sees if he can get her off. It works. Tucker's Father is still using that remote of his to get his way with her. Tucker is just a mindless drone who obeys every command when her Father Tony presses a button. She doesn't remember a THING after. Tucker's Father is having fun now but the ultimate goal is to impregnate her so the family name can live on. He already failed when Tucker had a daughter. Tucker's Father is horny and wants a blowjob from his daughter. Tucker obeys immediately and gets right to work with her Father's cock in her mouth. The last time Tucker's Father tried this, Tucker had a girl. This time, Tucker's Father is going to try to impregnate her with a boy and Tucker won't know a thing thanks to this remote her Father created. Tucker is a mindless robot as her Father tells her his plans. She still doesn't know that her daughter is from her Father. Tucker's father fucks her good and hard, enjoying pumping his hot load into her pussy and womb. Tucker is horny and accepting of her Father, even orgasming from the experience but she doesn't know what is actually going on. Tucker starts to snap out of it and her Father tells her it's just a dream as he tries to push more buttons on the remote.... Tucker's Father has just fucked her and filled her up with lots of his cum, hoping to impregnate her with a son to carry the family name. Tucker is still in robot mode. Her Father puts her in cleaning mode and she spins around and starts to make the bed. Her Father Tony gets to turned on that he decides to fuck her again and really pump her full of his sperm, just to ensure she will carry his . Her Father fucks her so good, really pushing his cock deep into her womb. Tucker is feeling so good but in robot mode, she does not understand why, only moaning and begging her Father for more. More cum is pumped into her tight young pussy and womb by her Father