Large anal speculum with hitachi orgasm

662 4.8

Roxy Cox

Irish / UK
662 4.8
20:01 min - Feb 27 - .MP4 - 1.19 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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malice23 Feb 28
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a very nice performance over all a simply lovely lady

Roxy Cox Feb 28

Thank you & glad you enjoyed it :x

Roxy Cox Mar 28

Thank you :x

Senna9 Mar 18
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Beautiful Roxy shows off her amazing breasts. The anal speculum is fun, but there isn't a looking inside her ass . Also there's no sound for part of the video.

Roxy Cox Mar 19

Glad you liked the boobs :x the sound is fine all through the video for about 30secs during the video I get up to grab my hitachi and switch it on that's the only part that is silent :H as for the speculum it's pretty big and I certainly gape my ass wide open, shame I didn't have someone with a flashlight near by to shine inside;)

Dressed in my sexy black lingerie I tease you with my hot body. I start fingering my tight asshole, getting it nice and stretched and gaping it open so you can slide your tongue deep inside. Then I get my new large speculum and insert it deep in my ass opening my asshole so wide so you can see inside. I's really stretching me and it's the biggest speculum I've ever had in my ass! Rubbing my juicy pussy with it deep in my ass and you love how wide it's gaped open. After such a good ass stretching, I really need to cum. My pussy is so wet and I grab my hitachi wand and use it on my clit on full power it's not too long before I have one hell of an orgasm and I spread my pussy wide open so you can cum deep inside
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