Ruby Encounters a GRIMM Fate | RWBY

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Lana Rain

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66,712 5.0
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Arikajira Mar 18 2018

Wow! The preview to this video is awesome!! i love the theme xx

KsuColt Mar 9 2018


RottenPines Mar 2 2018
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This is, without a doubt, the best video Lana Rain has ever created!!!!

The dialogue (text dialogue) is absolutely filthy in the best way possible. The way in which the sweet and loveable Ruby is corrupted by the Forces of Grimm is incredibly perverse and thoroughly stimulating. The ahegao face Lana makes towards the end emphasizes her corruption, and the way she desires, basically begs, for more is the sexiest thing I have seen in a long, long time.

This video also has a bit of impregnation fantasy, for those who are fans of it. If Lana ever does a sequel, it might be interesting to have Ruby sporting a baby bump. By the time the Grimm were through with her, there was definitely a bun in the oven!

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Mar 3 2018
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Fantastic filming I loved it. Great costume and role play. Hot and sexy video. Thank you Lana.

lovesbrain - Top reviewer Mar 20 2018
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I am so impressed with this video! The cosplay is accurate and the sound quality is superb, hurry up and purchase this vid, it's definitely worth it!

The_Doctorten Mar 4 2018
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Such high quality, I am amazed a the quality. I've been following for a long time, and you've have come a long way. I look forward to seeing more work from you.

Alaskan32 deleted Mar 3 2018
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One of your best works. Can't wait for the next one

DMoney1331 Mar 2 2018
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Lana always brings her a-game, and nowhere is that better highlighted than with this video. As always, the cosplay is flawless, and the level of detail impresses. She is clearly having the time of her life, and that enthusiasm carries through in her performance. The sheer ecstasy on her face, whether giving head or showcasing one of her famous agehaos, makes the entire video a treat to watch.

This video is sure to be a favorite of mind break and corruption enthusiasts, the narration and acting perfectly displaying a fall to debauchery. Somewhat unusually for the genre, the plot does not end at the break, and continues to showcase the thoughts and feelings of Ruby reveling in her newly perverted mindset. This is a welcome feature, and greatly enhances the sensuality of the entire video.

On a technical level, Lana is experimenting with new cinematographic techniques. The video is easily one of the best shot and edited that she's put up, her effort and commitment having more than paid off. If I must discuss failings, I will truly have to nitpick. The only noticable distraction for me was a somewhat jarring change in prop halfway through. However, this was quickly forgotten, and did nothing to distract from the video's presentation.

An easy 5/5. Looking forward to the potentially teased sequel.

Lana Rain Mar 14 2018

Thank you so much for that really really well written review. You really know hour ahegao and mind break concepts :3

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Mar 2 2018
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This is one of her most though A-Tiers so far. When she wanted to raise the stakes for the new year, she really meant it. First of all, the opening scene was really well done. love the camera angels and the petals that were falling. Now I haven't seen much of RWBY, o I am not sure exactly what is happening at the moment. But regardless, starting at the action right at the beginning. This vidoe has by far some of the msot though out dialogue out of all her vidoes. At some point I was thinking" I wonder if Lana would actually do her own voice acting in her thoughts" That would actually be amazing. But this was well done and well written to become a hentai itself. Now it left on cliffhanger and maybe a Yang vidoe will be enxt. if there i look forward to seeing the next one, but I always look forward to any new video Lana releases.

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Definitely one of the best vids you've done, you look amazing as Ruby Rose and each scene was pure bliss

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So the quality is honestly as high as I could expect.
I'm also becoming a big fan so its probably why I expect high quality but it also leads to me being pretty happy with my purchase every time.

A-Tier][Full Plot][Dialogue][Role Play][Full HD][60FPS][Special Grade] Ruby Rose wanders off on her own too far and discovers what makes the legion of Grimm so effective! |||||||||||||||||||||| Wow! This took wayyyyyy longer than I imagined to edit and put together but I'm REALLY happy I spent the time to make it come out the way I envisioned it. I was promising a very special A-Tier for you guys in the form of Ruby from RWBY so I had to deliver, especially after all the support you've all given me and helping me win MV Star/Vid/Cosplayer 2018! Thank you everyone